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Knight Stereophonics Limited
Knight Stereophonics Limited

Our company established in 2017, specifically research and develop  Hi-End Audio equipment and products such as Step Attenuators, Solid-state Preamplifier, Vacuum Tube Preamplifier, Integrated Amplifier and Power Amplifier.  Knight Stereophonics Products are manufactured in Hong Kong by Knight Wah Technology Limited.

KWT is a company providing Electronic Manufacturing Services to worldwide reputable companies since 1996 and all products are manufactured under the guideline and requirment of IPC-A-610 Electronic Assemblies international standard.

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Choice HiFi / Fung Lab
Choice HiFi / Fung Lab

Sole Agent of Knight Stereophonics Limited Products in Hong Kong. Choice HiFi's Owner Mr. William Wong, one of the Vacuum Tube Amplifier expert in Hong Kong with over 40 years experience. Selling valuable NOS vacuum tubes, high quality vinyl records, compact discs and vintage audio equipment.  


Wah Lok Industrial Centre, 37-41 Shan Mei  Street,

Phase 1, Fo Tan, N.T.

Contact no: (852) 98784333

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